Student Led Remembrance Event Held at WMS

This afternoon at Worthington Middle School, a group of students participated in a student organized and led event in remembrance of victims of social injustice. Prior to the event, the student leaders worked with ISD 518 administration and counselors to ensure the event would be respectful to all those involved and those being honored. District 518 guided the students involved and is proud of the leaders who worked to organize the event in a safe, respectful manner.

Classrooms across ISD 518 also observed a moment of silence as planned in a proclamation from Governor Tim Walz. The moment of silence honored George Floyd and every person whose life has been cut short due to potential racism and discrimination in Minnesota. District 518 continues to educate students on how to appropriately address issues of all kinds in the county to ensure all voices are a part of dealing with injustice.

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