Because We Care

As your school mental health team our job is to help especially during times of stress and anxiety. We believe it is important to acknowledge some recent issues with some negative social media accounts. These social media accounts have been used to bully other students, spread rumors, and just be mean to one another. Despite all of this, we can make it through this together. We, as your mental health team, want to be able to support you and have conversations about healthy ways to cope with your feelings. Please reach out and talk with trusted adults  in your life.  

Your school counselors, social workers and psychologists are here to support all students, families and staff. No matter what changes come along, nothing will change our commitment to you!

Your ISD 518 Mental Health Team: 

Prairie Elementary:  Angie Meyer (507-727-1250 ext.5325), Maggie Gerdes (507-727-1250 ext.5346) & Laurie Knudson (507-727-1274)

Worthington Middle School:  Melissa Burch (507-727-1194),  Evan Stoesz (507-727-1135), Stephanie Jacobsma, Carrie Adams (507-727-1180) & Carly Duffy (507-727-1112)

Worthington High School:  Jesse Nitzschke (507-727-1141), Destiny Carlson (507-727-1135), Lakeyta Swinea (507-727-1134), Lindsay Jenniges (507-727-1173 ext. 3956)

Learning Center:  Jami Wahl (507-372-1322)  Tammy Markus (507-372-1322)

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