MCA Testing at WHS

Worthington High School will be giving the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments for math and reading on Thursday, April 14th. Sophomore students will be taking the MCA reading test. Junior students will be taking the MCA math test. Freshmen will be in school listening to selected speakers. Senior students will be volunteering with their advisories. On April 27th, any students who took biology this year, will be taking the biology test. For April 14th, testing will begin around 8:00 and go until about 11:30. It is highly recommended that students get a good breakfast and plenty of sleep for testing. State testing helps us determine student progress and helps us focus on areas of need for the student, so it is very important that students can attend these days and take these tests. If you would not like your child to participate in testing, you can fill out an opt out form here and return it to the office.

For further questions, you can reach out to the MCA test coordinator, Jesse Nitzschke, at 507-727-1141.

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