Sanford Healthcare Scholarship

The Sanford Worthington Healthcare Scholarship contributions shall be used for two $2000 scholarships per year, known as the Sanford Worthington Healthcare Scholarship, Awarded to Worthington High School athlete seniors who attend post high-school education and are pursuing a healthcare major. Award recipients must have demonstrated exceptional character and leadership in furthering their own progress and in enriching the lives of others, especially in service, academics, and community involvement.

Worthington High School athlete pursuing a degree in a healthcare field as a full-time student:
* The student athlete is a Senior at Worthington Senior High School.
* Minimum GPA of 3.0 – supply supporting transcripts with application.
* No athletic suspensions or code of conduct violations throughout the students athlete’s senior year.
* Enrolled in a degree seeking higher education institution.
* At public or private, US-based accredited institution of higher education.

Applicants will be required to submit the following:
* Essay to demonstrate service, scholarship, humble leadership, and/or impact.
* Character recommendation from a third party.
* 250 word bio.
Deadline for application: The deadline for submitting all required paperwork and documentation is May 15, 2022. Please complete the application and submit in a sealed envelope with your name written on the front to Ashley Krantz, WHS Athletic Training Room or email to

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