Education Minnesota Worthington Awards

EMW met for their annual awards event to honor fellow staff members with being the Outstanding Member of the Year, Teacher of the Year, and retiring members. They also select an individual, group or organization to be the Friend of Education. They honored the following:

EMW Friends of Education 2022: ISD 518 Paraprofessionals

EMW Outstanding Member of the Year: Rebecca McGaughey

Retirees: Paula Stock and Tom Woods

Teacher of the Year:

Runners Up: Chelsea Wintz – 8thgrade mathematics (WMS) and Rebecca McGaughey – 7thgrade English/Language Arts (WMS)

EMW 2022 Teacher of the Year: Patrick Mahoney – High School Social Studies (WHS)

Nomination paragraphs for Teacher of the Year:

Written by Stacy Sauerbrei (High School English/Langauge Arts) about Patrick Mahoney:

No doubt, Patrick Mahoney is the most positive person I have ever been around. Whenever I ask students to write about their favorite teacher, his name is always near the top of the list. (Most of the time, it is on the top.) It’s no wonder, because Mr. Mahoney is dedicated to and passionate about the art of teaching—and all the kids will tell you, “We love Mr. Mahoney.” In addition to being a very talented educator, Patrick Mahoney is constantly looking for new platforms to connect with young people: he has coached, he is an advisor, he works with credit recovery at the Learning Center, and he is a leader in the Intro to Education program—the list goes on. And so does his unending energy. I nominate Patrick Mahoney because his example personifies what is right about education. Although there are many, many great professionals in this district—all of whom deserve recognition—the time is right for Patrick Mahoney to be our “Teacher of the Year.” When I asked a group of teenagers to describe Mr. Mahoney, these were their words: “Encouraging. Understanding. Caring. Outgoing. Supportive. Awesome. Nice. Welcoming. And Fun!” Worthy accolades for a deserving teacher. He would represent us well. 

It was a great night to be together, along with celebrating the many positive staff members that make up District 518. Congratulations to those honored.

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