Trojan Teacher Signing

We are so excited to have had a Trojan Teacher Signing! The efforts to grow our own teachers is real, along with having the teaching force look like our student population. Graduating students that have taken education classes or will begin their pathway to becoming educators were asked to join together to have a “signing” showing their intent to step forward to want to teach the next generation.

Southwest Minnesota Teacher Preparation Partnership (SWTPP) has been working together for over 10 years to bring together pathways for our own local students to be available and to have less barriers in the pathway towards the teaching profession. SWTPP is a collaboration of District 518, Minnesota West Community and Technical College, and Southwest Minnesota State University. This “Grow Our Own” pathway provides opportunities in offering teacher education licensure programs in Elementary Education and English as a Second Language to candidates from the Worthington area.

One of the ways to reach possible future teachers has been to create an organization at WHS – Future Teachers of America. This teacher signing is an activity that was sponsored by the Future Teachers of America to honor their members in moving forward with their goals after their high school graduation. We thank the support of FTA, Mr. Mahoney, Education Minnesota, Worthington Local 7291, the numerous staff that work on “Grow Our Own” initiatives and funding, District 518 Administration team, District 518 School Board, and SWTPP to bring about the progress of the efforts to date and for the progress yet to come. Special appreciation for the District 518 educators that inspired our upcoming graduates in wanting to join alongside of you to teach others!

Congratulations to our Class of 2022 Future Educators: Cadence Christian, Nakia Evans, Cristina Magana, Kevin Galvez, Ian Joshua Matute Ferrera, Nohemy Aguirre, Teyel Lowe, Makenna Nickel, Madison Shaffer, Jessenia Ibarra Muniz, Pamela Lomeli, Dolores Soto, Austin Barber.

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