Health Care Signing

May 24 was an exciting day at WHS – we also had a Healthcare Signing for our upcoming graduates. Our WHS HOSA Club (Future Health Professionals) sponsored this event to honor the students that are stepping forward to join the healthcare field. Healthcare is a broad term for those who want to become a nurse, doctor, veterinarian, psychologist, lab tech, medic, EMT, chiropractor and many more.

For the past 10 years or more, District 518 has worked with Minnesota West Community and Technical College to offer courses for our students to take concurrently, Post-Secondary Enrollment Options, and many additional ways. The HOSA Club (Future Health Professionals) is an organization that assists these students during their high school years in learning more about the job options and opportunities that are available. We thank our District 518 teaching staff, administrators, and school board for supporting these opportunities! Special acknowledgment to Ann Mills for providing the information and encouragement to our students.

We are excited to have the following students identified as wanting to enter the healthcare field: Chantel Peralta, Levi Kuhl, Skyler Tosch, Alec Langerud, Abby Hibma, Angie Randgaard, Jordan Smith, Destiny Scroggs, Morgan Shaffer, Kyra Van Briesen, Haley Grimmius, Erika Fuentes, Nicole Wede, Aubree Peterson, Kendall Nixon, Bailey Newman, Rosamaria Rodriguez, and Yaquelinne Tomas.

Thank you for stepping forward to help all around you to stay healthy!

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