School Board Vacancy

District 518 School Board Vacancy – the school board has a vacancy that will need to be filled.

The school board has approved an application that can be picked up in person at the District Office at West Learning Center, 117 11th Avenue (former ALC entrance) or accessed on the school district website at (it is located on that page under the group photo, and next school board meeting dates).

The application of interest needs to be returned in its completed form by Friday, February 3 at 1pm. The application can be turned in at the District Office, mailed or emailed to Superintendent John Landgaard at

Requirements to hold the office of a school board member must:

• At least 21 years of age

• U.S. citizen and eligible to vote

• Resident of School District 518 for at least 30 days

• No record of criminal sexual misconduct for which registration is required

All current seated school board members will view all applications and each will chose 1 candidate that they feel is the best to fill the vacancy. The 6 chosen applicants (might have more than one school board member chose the same candidate) will have an interview with a small committee made up of the chair of the school board, one board member that sits on the Instructional Committee, one board member that sits on the Operations Committee and the superintendent.

Following the interviews, the small committee will make a recommendation to the entire school board that will need to act on the nomination at the February school board meeting on February 21.

The new appointed school board member will be seated until December 31 and the elected member in the November general election will begin on January 1. Depending on the experience and comfort level of the appointed candidate, they can choose to run for the school board during the general election. That second term as a school board member would be for a full year term and would need to run for school board at the end of the second year.

If you have questions, please contact the District Office at 507.372.2172.

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