Trojan Legacy Wall Project

The Trojan Legacy Wall project is being championed by Rick Brandl (Class of 1977).  This wall is an opportunity to provide support to Trojan extra-curriculars and to put your pride on display at Trojan Field for the life of the existing facility.  Your partnership in this program by purchasing one of the three levels (name/business/organization, etc.) will be a long-term commitment to the district and provide your place of support.  The funds to cover the initial cost of the project are being covered by Mr. Brandl up to $50,000.  The funds raised by the sale of the markers will be placed in a separate fund to support one-time expenditures in the area of extra-curricular activities and support items that may not normally be covered by annual budgets.

The first phase of this project will be to create the opportunity for residents to support and promote Trojan Pride.  We encourage all residents or others to consider being a part of this project and show your support of the Trojans.  The levels have been determined as follows:

                                                Level I                     $500 per space                     (6” by 12” granite marker)

                                                Level II                    $1,500 per space (1’ by 2’ granite marker)

                                                Level III                   $4,000 per space (2’ by 2’ granite marker)

  • Each of levels may be purchased by individuals, families, businesses, organizations, etc.
  • Families are encouraged to purchase level II or higher due to space limitations at level I.
  • Businesses are encouraged to purchase level II or higher due to space limitations and ease of viewing.
  • Groups, businesses or organizations are encourage to purchase at level II our higher based on space limitations.
  • Characters, letter, logos, etc.  will be limited at each level due to space limitations and ability by contractor to provide a quality product.
  • The District will reserve the right to be the final decision maker and will work with those purchasing a marker to ensure consistency and ability to provide a quality product.
  • All payments will be required prior to the beginning of the project which will be in the spring of 2023 or approximately April 15, 2023.
  • Any payment not made to the district will require the district to remove or not order the marker.
  • Logos will be allowed within reason and ability for the contractor to provide a quality product in which the district will have final decision on design.
  • Purchases of a marker may be made “In Honor of _____” or acknowledgement of past Trojans.

This is an exciting project that everyone will have the opportunity to participate and show their Trojan Pride.  The goal would be to have to increase the size of this wall beyond the original plans which is approximately 8 feet by 30 feet.  We encourage all to consider being a part of this and would need to have a commitment by April 1, 2023 for the first phase of this project.  Other phases will be determined by interest after the completion of phase I or approximately 5 years.

Thank you for the continue support and commitment to Worthington School District 518 and always showing your Trojan Pride!

You can contact Anne Foley for more information or the purchase of a marker at 507-372-1204 or email her at  Payment will be required at the time of the order, but no later than one week after ordering.

Artist's rendering of Trojan Legacy Wall Championed by Rick Brandl
Example of Trojan Legacy Wall

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