District 518 Ag Lab

Mrs. Christopher at the WHS podium

District 518 Agricultural Department will continue to be the lead of the newly approved District 518 Agricultural Lab. Minnesota West Community and Technical College is collaborating with District 518 in providing additional support of concurrent and college level programs, assistance, testing, and more. District 518 is the owner and financial support of the land and its projects along with revenues. The project was also approved at the board meeting on Tuesday, January 16.

This project is a very exciting hands-on experience for our agricultural (crops, gardening, horticultural, agronomy, product sales, machinery, and more) students starting at WMS, through WHS, and at Minnesota West Community and Technical College. We are not aware of other projects (or designated land) like this in the region and are hopeful that the District 518 Ag Lab will help create interest in the many different agricultural jobs in the area from their experience and time at the lab. With the approval of the project on Tuesday night kicks this project into getting ready for spring opportunities and planting plans.

We appreciate the efforts of our Ag Department – Deb Martin, Matt Tripp, Brett Schmidt, and Katie Christopher, along with Jeff Rogers and Dusty Neugebauer from Minnesota West Community and Technical College, for their hard work to prepare information to share with the school board for approval. Anticipation runs high to know that our local farm equipment dealerships, seed dealers, grain cooperatives, horticulture operations, financial lenders, and other organizations and educational institutions will join our efforts to provide growth opportunities for all involved.

The District 518 Ag Lab is another innovative program for our students to help explore options for their future. We are excellence in action!

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