FIRST Robotics

Robotics team with awards

A FIRST Robotics team consists of programmers, builders, and website/social media managers. Every year, a new game with a new task is introduced. The team has six weeks to design and create a functioning robot for that year’s competition. The 2017 competition, Steamworks, will be revealed on January 7.

FIRST is a worldwide organization that inspires young people to get involved in Science, Technology, and Engineering career fields.

FIRST is an acronym that represents:


Inspiration and

Recognition of

Science and


FIRST encourages community involvement. Teams often gain sponsorship’s from local businesses and people. To do this, FIRST encourages students to participate in improving and utilizing engineering and business skills by offering a fun and competitive way to use those skills and help the community.

The Trojan FIRST Robotics Team is mentored by Duane Hansen.