Soom Chandaswang

picture of Soom Chandaswang

Soom Chandaswang is the Achievement & Integration Coordinator. She has been at the Collaborative for  8 years, but this is her first year of taking the leadership role at NCIC. Soom is fluent in Lao and English. Her family are from Laos. They were refugees in Thailand for 15 years. Soom was born in the refugee camp. Soom uses her life experiences as an immigrant to inspire youth and others in her community. Her family has been living in Worthington for 27 years. Soom is a graduate of Worthington High School and Minnesota West Community and Technical College. She also previously attended SMSU. You can reach Soom at; 507.376.3348.

Nancy Landeros

picture of Nancy Landeros

Nancy Landeros is the Integration Cultural Liaison. She holds an Associates of Science degree from MN West Community & Technical College. She worked four years as a Paraprofessional for ISD518 then as an Administrative Assistant at the Worthington Area Learning Center. Her duties include collecting data for MDE reports, office management, and implements programs throughout the school year. Nancy can be reached at or 507.376.3321

Aida Simon

picture of Aida Simon

Aida Simon is a Bilingual Program Aide who has worked for the Nobles County Integration Collaborative since January 2004. Aida is originally from Eritrea. Aida’s responsibilities include assisting with El Sistema a music program for 3rd-5th grade students, translation and interpreting services, and family support efforts. She also assists in classrooms at Worthington Middle School and the Area Learning Center. You can reach Aida Simon at, 507.376.3309

Than Than Kyaw

picture of Than Than Kyaw

Than Than Kyaw is a Bilingual Program Aide for the Nobles County Integration Collaborative. Than Than’s responsibilities include office assistant, translation, and interpreting services, and family support efforts. He also provides direct services to students at Worthington High School.  Than Than is originally from Thailand and speaks Karen. He is a Worthington High School graduate and currently attending MN West. Than Than can be reached at, 507-376-3300.

Chansouk Duangapai

picture of Chansouk Duangapai

Chansouk Duangapai is a Youth Development Leader. He coordinates 7th Grade Odyssey an after-school program for high school students. The program focuses on cultural awareness, leadership development, academic success, civic engagement, and college & career readiness. He aslo provides direct services to students at the Worthington High School. Chansouk is a graduate from MN West and he received his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree from the University of Minnesota. 
You may reach Chansouk at; 507-727-1114.

Gladys Aldana

picture of Gladys Aldana

Gladys Aldana is a Youth Development Leader. Gladys coordinates Dynamic 507 which is an after-school program for high school students and provides direct services to Worthington High School students . Gladys is a graduate from the Worthington High School and Minnesota West. She has been an intern for the Worthington Middle School and has been an advocate at the Southwest Crisis Center. 
You may reach Gladys at 507-727-1116 or

Rachel Fisher

picture of Rachel Fisher

Racher Fisher role is to coordinate the 8th grade Odyssey program and provide opportunities for students in the areas of civic engagement, college & career readiness, cultural awareness, and leadership development. She also provides student services at the Worthington Area Learning Center. 
She graduated from John Brown University in Arkansas. 
You may reach Rachel at or 507-376-3328.