Trojan Field Movie Night

Business Professionals of America and the Learning Center Student Activities Presents:
Movie Night at Trojan Field on June 16
Gate Opens at 5 PM
Enter through main gate on Marine Avenue
Free Admission – Luca
Concenssions available – No Outside Food
Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult

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Congratulation Worthington Trojan Track

Congratulations to our Worthington Trojan MN State Track Meet Participants! We had 15 participants that had qualified for the 2 day track meet.

Worthington State Track Medalists:

Abagotte Opiew, earned 2nd place in the Triple Jump with a jump of 44”10 ½”.

Boys 4×800 Relay, 3rd place (Ofbeka Morke, Mason Bobb, Filmon Wolday, and Mikele Walu). *New school Record, Time: 8:03.72

Abagotte Opiew, 110 Hurdles, 6th place, Time: 15.67

Girls 4×200 Relay, 8th place, (New Gora, Bailey Newman, Pham Gora, and Brooklyn Scheitel-Taylor)

Marenono Opiew, 300 Hurdles, 3rd place, Time: 40.13

Brooklyn Scheitel-Taylor 200 Dash, 8th place, Time: 26.76

Congratulations to our Boys State Track Meet participants – they also finished in 4th Place in total Team Points out of 62 AA scoring teams. A total of 97 AA teams participated in the MN State AA Track Meet. Much appreciation to your hard-working coaches that encourage and inspire you to put in the work, practice, and do well in school.

We are proud of all your hard work, dedication and efforts!

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Congratulations to Trojan Co-Head Coaches

Congratulations to Trojan Co-Head Coaches Cory Smidt and Jessica Hogan, they were named Boys Section 2AA Track Coaches of the Year! Thank you for all your dedication and hard work to develop great student athletes!

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Health Care Signing

May 24 was an exciting day at WHS – we also had a Healthcare Signing for our upcoming graduates. Our WHS HOSA Club (Future Health Professionals) sponsored this event to honor the students that are stepping forward to join the healthcare field. Healthcare is a broad term for those who want to become a nurse, doctor, veterinarian, psychologist, lab tech, medic, EMT, chiropractor and many more.

For the past 10 years or more, District 518 has worked with Minnesota West Community and Technical College to offer courses for our students to take concurrently, Post-Secondary Enrollment Options, and many additional ways. The HOSA Club (Future Health Professionals) is an organization that assists these students during their high school years in learning more about the job options and opportunities that are available. We thank our District 518 teaching staff, administrators, and school board for supporting these opportunities! Special acknowledgment to Ann Mills for providing the information and encouragement to our students.

We are excited to have the following students identified as wanting to enter the healthcare field: Chantel Peralta, Levi Kuhl, Skyler Tosch, Alec Langerud, Abby Hibma, Angie Randgaard, Jordan Smith, Destiny Scroggs, Morgan Shaffer, Kyra Van Briesen, Haley Grimmius, Erika Fuentes, Nicole Wede, Aubree Peterson, Kendall Nixon, Bailey Newman, Rosamaria Rodriguez, and Yaquelinne Tomas.

Thank you for stepping forward to help all around you to stay healthy!

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Trojan Teacher Signing

We are so excited to have had a Trojan Teacher Signing! The efforts to grow our own teachers is real, along with having the teaching force look like our student population. Graduating students that have taken education classes or will begin their pathway to becoming educators were asked to join together to have a “signing” showing their intent to step forward to want to teach the next generation.

Southwest Minnesota Teacher Preparation Partnership (SWTPP) has been working together for over 10 years to bring together pathways for our own local students to be available and to have less barriers in the pathway towards the teaching profession. SWTPP is a collaboration of District 518, Minnesota West Community and Technical College, and Southwest Minnesota State University. This “Grow Our Own” pathway provides opportunities in offering teacher education licensure programs in Elementary Education and English as a Second Language to candidates from the Worthington area.

One of the ways to reach possible future teachers has been to create an organization at WHS – Future Teachers of America. This teacher signing is an activity that was sponsored by the Future Teachers of America to honor their members in moving forward with their goals after their high school graduation. We thank the support of FTA, Mr. Mahoney, Education Minnesota, Worthington Local 7291, the numerous staff that work on “Grow Our Own” initiatives and funding, District 518 Administration team, District 518 School Board, and SWTPP to bring about the progress of the efforts to date and for the progress yet to come. Special appreciation for the District 518 educators that inspired our upcoming graduates in wanting to join alongside of you to teach others!

Congratulations to our Class of 2022 Future Educators: Cadence Christian, Nakia Evans, Cristina Magana, Kevin Galvez, Ian Joshua Matute Ferrera, Nohemy Aguirre, Teyel Lowe, Makenna Nickel, Madison Shaffer, Jessenia Ibarra Muniz, Pamela Lomeli, Dolores Soto, Austin Barber.

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Mrs. Loy Honored

Melanie Loy recently was notified as being awarded the Southwest Minnesota Arts Council (SMAC) “Prairie Disciple” for 2022. SMAC’s Prairie Disciple Award provides awareness and recognition of one individual per year from southwest Minnesota (SMAC’s region is 18 counties), whose activities and involvement have substantially contributed to the arts over an extended period of time. In 2022, SMAC’s Prairie Disciple nomination process was for teachers/educators only. Melanie is District 518’s orchestra teacher for Prairie Elementary School’s fourth graders, along with Worthington High Schools’ Varsity Strings and WHS Orchestra. 

When Melanie arrived at Worthington District 518 Schools in 2006, there were 94 students throughout the district playing in the orchestra, her tenacity and leadership has grown the program to well over 350 orchestra students school-wide and have had to add 2 additional full-time instructors at the middle school level to maintain the growth. Students from her program that go onto college and playing or majoring in music have received the highest dollar amounts awarded in scholarships in the school district.  

With the pandemic, SMAC made the decision to adapt this award to honor an educator, we wholeheartedly agree with this effort. Melanie Loy is a rare educator. She does not stop her efforts at 3:30pm each day, she even works on Saturday and Sunday to provide opportunities for her student’s past, present and future. One of those efforts is recognizing that as a music artist and teacher, you need to fill your own cup in order to inspire and fill others cups. There are not many communities in our region that have orchestras that players of all ages can participate in. Worthington unfortunately was one of those communities until 2008. 

Melanie and 3 local orchestra players had made the journey and dedication to play in the Sioux Falls Community Orchestra. They joined together as a quartet and have played at local events as a string quartet for fundraisers, graduation, weddings and many more. After a couple of years playing in Sioux Falls in their community orchestra, the discussion occurred about “why not Worthington?” and how this could happen much closer to home. The Great Plains String Quartet was the founders of the Worthington Area Symphony Orchestra, first as just string players and then adding winds and percussion after a couple of years.  

Melanie has been active in the shadows in writing the grants, picking out the music, collaborating with musicians and music departments in the region, and the list could continue forever. Who would have ever dreamt in the beginning stages of WASO that a nationally known artist that has deep roots in Worthington would choose their group to be his bands orchestra for a televised program with music, stories, Native American dances, and video effects? The Brule concerts have been some of the most intense, yet unbelievable experiences for musicians and attendees alike.  

 It truly has been a labor of love for Melanie to have WASO develop and grow to provide music experiences for her students of all ages to have another opportunity in a different level of performing. Even after her students graduate from the program, Melanie seeks out local orchestra players to continue to play. She has even established an Alumni Concert at Christmas time for her past graduates to join current students of WHS performing in the lobby of the Worthington High School. Over 20 alumni students make the effort to come and play each year. And if you know Melanie’s style at all, you know that she is tenacious and very difficult to say no to.   Worthington District 518 Schools, community and the region have much to thank Melanie Loy for. We appreciate the efforts to provide an opportunity to honor special teachers and artists for their work. Melanie Loy is the face for us as a Prairie Disciple Educator.

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WHS Commencement

WHS Class of 2022 Graduation Commencement
Friday, May 27 at 6:00 P.M. in WHS Main Gym
Seniors meet in the cafeteria at 5:30 P.M.
Tickets are required. No balloons allowed in the gymnasium.

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Senior Graduation Walk

WHS Class of 2022 Senior Grad Walk
Friday, May 27, 8:40 A.M. at Prairie Elementary for students only
The grad walk will be live on Channel 3.
Live stream on WGTN-TV 3 Facebook page and Worthing Public Schools Facebook page.

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Senior Car Parade

WHS Senior Car Parade
Celebrate seniors and their accomplishments!
Friday, May 27 with an approximate start time of 8:00 P.M.
Line up at 7:40 P.M.

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WHS Commencement Practice

WHS Class of 2022 Commencement Practice
Friday, May 27, 9:20 A.M.
After practice, seniors will be dismissed for the day. Please help support each other in demonstrating responsible behavior and strongly encourage your fellow classmates to make good decisions about their activities.

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