WMS Choir Parents

Hello, WMS Choir Parents! A change has been made to the school calendar for the WMS Spring Choir Concert this week. The concert will be held on Thursday, May 5 at 7 pm in Memorial Auditorium. Tickets for adults is $6, non-District 518 students is $4 – activity passes are accepted. We are excited to perform for you!

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WMS Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher Conferences at Worthington Middle School are Thursday, February 17 from 10:00 am to 7:30 pm.
Families choose using a Schoology assignment on your child’s iPad if they would like to attend their conference in person, over video or by phone call.
There is no school for WMS on Thursday.

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WMS 8th Grade Orchestra Selected to Perform

In June of 2021, an audition recording was submitted of the current WMS 8th grade orchestra to the Minnesota Music Education Association (MMEA), in hopes of being selected to perform at the Midwinter Clinic. The MMEA Midwinter Clinic is the largest gathering of music teachers in the state and features nationally-recognized headliners, clinicians, and a wide variety of performances.

In early October, we received exciting news that they were selected to perform at MMEA’s Midwinter Clinic on February 18th. The 8th grade orchestra is 52 members strong and are honored and excited to perform at the Convention Center in Minneapolis on Friday, February 18 at 1:15pm.

They have been practicing a small concert of selections for this special spotlight. They have worked very hard and learned a tremendous amount in the past few months. We are cheering them on as they get ready to perform on the 18th!

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Monday, December 20: WMS Festival of Music Concert

5th-8th grade band and orchestra students and 6th-8th grade choir students will arrive at the high school: Drop students off at the north parking lot of the HIGH SCHOOL on Marine Avenue at the time and rooms below: •Orchestra: 5th-6th grade will meet in the HS choir room at 6:00 pm •Orchestra: 7th-8th grade will meet in the HS orchestra room at 6:00 pm •Band: 5th-8th grade will meet in the HS band room at 6:30 pm •Choir: 6th-8th grade will meet in the HS cafeteria at 6:00 pm •This concert is FREE to the public and does not require an ISD518 activity pass. 

*Dress Code: All students should be wearing some form of black, white or combination of the two. This could include pants, shirts, dresses, skirts, etc. but it must be items permitted through the school dress code. Black jeans are accepted if they are very black and not oversized. Please wear black shoes (or if your student does not have black shoes, they can wear the darkest nicest shoes they have). We are looking for parent chaperones for this concert. If you are able and willing to be a parent chaperone for the December 20 concert, please contact a WMS music teacher.

Lunes 20 de diciembre: Festival de Música de WMS en el gimnasio de la WHS, 7:00 pm (Código de vestir a continuación) Los estudiantes de 5.to-8.vo grados de banda y orquesta, y los estudiantes de 6.to-8.vo grado, de coro, deben llegar a la high school: pase a dejar a su estudiante en el estacionamiento del lado norte, de la HIGH SCHOOL, ubicado en la calle Marine Avenue, en los siguientes horarios, y deben reportarse a los siguientes salones: •Orquesta: 5.to-6.to grado deben reunirse en el salón de coro de la high school, a las 6:00 pm •Orquesta: 7.mo-8.vo grado deben reunirse en el salón de orquesta de la high school at 6:00 pm •Banda: 5.to-8.vo grado deben reunirse en el salón de banda de la high school a las 6:30 pm •Coro: 6.to-8.vo grado deben reunirse en la cafetería de la high school a las 6:00 pm •Este concierto es GRATUITO y no necesita presentar el pase de actividades del Distrito 518 *Vestuario para el concierto: Todos los estudiantes deben vestir de negro, blanco, o combinación de ambos. Esto incluye pantalones, camisas, vestidos, faldas, etc. pero deben acatarse al código de vestir escolar. Pantalones de mezclilla negros son permitidos si son muy oscuros y no muy holgados. Por favor vista zapatos negros (o use los más presentables que tenga). Necesitamos chaperones para el concierto. Si tiene tiempo y desea ayudar a supervisar en el concierto del 20 de diciembre, por favor contacte al maestro de música de su estudiante en WMS.

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COVID Vaccine Information

Hey, WMS, you are going to want to read this message!

Do you know someone between the ages of 12 and 17? Have they not gotten the COVID vaccine? Would they like to get $200? The state of Minnesota is running this promotion, so it is for real. If you sign up you will also be eligible for a drawing for a $100,000 college scholarship. Read the articles below for more information.


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Worthington Middle School Parent/Teacher Conferences

WMS Parent/Teacher Conferences are on Thursday, September 30 from 10:00 am to 7:30 p.m. Families choose using a Schoology assignment on their student’s iPad if they would like to attend their conference in person, over video or by phone call. Please complete the Schoology assignment as soon as possible. Middle school students will not have school on September 30.

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Worthington Middle School Open House

Open House and Picture Day at Worthington Middle School on Thursday, August 19 from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

  • Get your schedules
  • Pick up your iPad and pay your $20 usage fee
  • Take your picture for the yearbook
  • Meet with your teachers
  • Complete Free & Reduced lunch forms
  • Get your locker information

Sanford will host a COVID vaccine clinic on-site.

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Worthington Middle School Parent Letter

Hello, WMS Families and Friends!

Who is ready for a new school year? I know I am!

We are looking forward to two new initiatives for this year. One of our goals revolves around academics and the other is about improving the sense of belonging in our school community. We are always talking to staff about making and building connections with students, but this year we are making it a schoolwide program to better reach everyone.

We were fortunate to add two more counselors this year, we now have four counselors and a social worker to take the lead in this effort along with our Building Leadership Team. We already start the day with an Advisory period which looks different all around the building. This year that time will be used to have conversations that focus on building relationships, acceptance of others, bullying, tolerance, use of social media, etc.  Our goal is to create a positive nurturing environment for all students.

Our Back to School/Open House is fast approaching. We hope to see everyone on August 19 between the hours of 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM. If every student could bring a parent or guardian that would be great, but if no one is available, come with a friend or come by yourself and we can get the new school year started for you. Here is what is happening:

  • The teachers will be here this year!! Plan to spend a little extra time to meet them and get your paperwork all taken care of with your Advisory Teacher.
  • The teachers will also help parents get set up on Schoology and Campus so you can be informed.
  • Get your name badge.
  • Pictures will be taken for the yearbook, so put on a nice outfit and brush your hair.
  • Get your schedule so you don’t have to stand in line the first day and then go wander the halls to see where your classes are located…and meet your teachers.
  • Find your locker, practice your combination, and maybe do some decorating.
  • Pick up your iPad and pay your $20 iPad insurance fee.
  • It is recommended that all seventh graders have a current physical when they enroll.  It is required for those who will be participating in sports.

See you soon!

Mr. Luke

¡Hola amigos y familias de WMS!

¿Quién está listo para un nuevo ciclo escolar? ¡Yo sé que yo lo estoy!

Esperamos con anhelo dos nuevas iniciativas este año.  Una de nuestras metas gira alrededor de la parte académica y la otra se trata de mejorar el sentido de pertenecer a nuestra comunidad.  Siempre hablamos con nuestro personal sobre desarrollar y establecer conecciones con nuestros alumnos, pero este año el programa incluirá a toda la escuela para que pueda llegar a todos.

Tenemos la fortuna de poder agregar dos consejeros más este año.  Ahora, contamos con cuatro consejeros y una trabajadora social quienes estarán a la cabeza de este esfuerzo junto con nuestro Equipo de Liderazgo en el Plantel.  Ya comenzamos el día con un periodo de Asesoría el cual es diferente en todo el plantel.  Este año, emplearemos este tiempo para tener conversaciones que se enfocan en construir relaciones, acceptar a los demás, el acoso escolar, la tolerancia, el uso de medios sociales, etc.  Nuestra meta es construir un ambiente positivo y propicio para todos los estudiantes.

Nuestro evento de Regreso a Clases/Puertas Abiertas se acerca rápidamente.  Esperamos ver a todos el 19 de Agosto entre las 10:00 AM y 6:00 PM.  Si cada estudiante pudiera venir con uno de sus padres o tutor, sería excellente, pero si no hay quien los acompañe, pueden venir con un amigo o por sí mismos, y les ayudaremos a iniciar el nuevo ciclo.  A continuación, lo que llevaremos a cabo: 

  • ¡Los maestros estarán presentes!  Venga con tiempo extra para conocerlos y arreglar todo su papeleo con su Maestro Asesor.
  • Los maestros también ayudarán a los padres a registrarse en Schoology y Campus para que se mantengan informados.
  • Obten tu carné de identificación.
  • Tomaremos la foto para el anuario escolar así que, viste algo presentable y cepíllate el cabello
  • Recoge tu horario para evitar estar de pie, en la fila, y recorre los pasillos para ver dónde están ubicadas tus clases…y conoce a tus maestros. 
  • Ubica tu casillero, practica tu combinación, y tal vez puedas decorarlo.
  • Recoge tu iPad y paga los $20 dólares de la cuota de seguro. 
  • Recomendamos que los estudiantes de 7.mo grado tengan un examen físico al día cuando se inscriban.  Es un requisito para quienes deseen participar en deportes. 

Te Veo Pronto!

Mr. Luke

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iPad Collection 2021

Prairie Elementary Grades K – 4 Wednesday, May 26th
Worthington Middle School Grades 5 -8 Wednesday, May 26th
Learning Center Grades 9 -12 Wednesday, May 26th
Worthington High School Grades 9 -12 Thursday, May 27th
Please remember to bring your device to school for collection. Remove any passcodes, update your device to the latest iOS, make sure it is clean, and remove and stickers or markings on cases. You can keep your bricks and cords if you are returning to the district in the fall. We will only collect bricks and cords from seniors and those who know they are moving to attending school elsewhere next fall.

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High School Transition Program for Parents

As students transition to middle school or high school, they will encounter new people, new school subjects, new activities, new teachers, and more. With solid information on what to expect, this can be a smooth transition for your child…and for you!
To help you prepare for this transition, we are offering a program where you will receive: information about how the school system functions at WHS, some of the changes you can expect as your child goes to a new school, how you can stay involved with the school and an optional tour of the school.
Monday, May 17, 2021 at Worthington High School Media Center, 1211 Clary Street
English 9:15 a.m. or 6:15 p.m.
Spanish 10:00 a.m. or 5:30 p.m.
Karen 10:00 a.m. or 5:30 p.m.
Please RSVP so we can plan our space and maintain social distance, and get handouts ready. Call/text Adry Stafford at 507.370.3682. If you are unable to attend but would like to receive the information, let un know, we can set up arrangements.

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