About Our Teachers

Mrs. Menke

I worked outside the traditional educational system for a majority of my career in various roles within the retail and banking industries.  Of all industries, it was banking where I discovered my passion for developing individuals. I fell in love with the practice of providing education, observation and self reflective coaching in the development of people. My daily interactions with staff allowed me to share knowledge and provide constructive feedback aiding in multifaceted growth both inside and outside the office doors.  

I left the banking industry after relocating to Worthington, MN in 2019. My search for employment landed me at the Worthington Public School District, where I worked as the Online Learning and Targeted Services Coordinator. Working in these roles gave me the opportunity to work side by side with students on a daily basis.  These interactions sparked the passion within me to teach and one day impact change. My goal as a teacher is to inspire students to develop confidence in their own ideas and abilities by working beside them as they grow and develop new understandings. By leading a classroom that is constructive, productive and interactive I will show my students that I am engaged in their success.

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Mr. Harrington

I am an intervention/art teacher at Intermediate School.  I am married with 4 children, 3 of them have graduated high school.  We have one at home yet.  He is a senior this year. I graduated from Augustana College with my BA in Elementary Education and M.A. in Education.   Prior to teaching, I worked in the technology field for 20 + years.  I currently run the local CoderDojo club and Girls Who Code Club at Minnesota West in Worthington.  Also, I run the Road to Code after-school clubs at Prairie Elementary and the Middle School.

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