Rules and Instructions for Working Concessions

2022-2023 BPA Concession Stand Assignments

 1.   Club/activity advisor is responsible for signing up, scheduling student workers, and supervising the concession stand for whole event(s).  Advisor (other adult) MUST BE PRESENT, check in with Mrs. Troe prior to event start time, and stay entire event!
 2.   Penny Troe or a Student (BPA) Manager will be the general supervisor and will open & close the concession stand.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact Mrs. Troe at or call 507-236-5761.
 3.   Minimum workers required for all events is 6 (1 adult + 5 student/adult workers).  All workers are required to read & follow the rules & instructions for working in the concession stand.  Any club/activity not following the rules of conduct may forfeit future concession stand assignments.  All workers should report 30 minutes prior to the event scheduled time (as listed), unless otherwise instructed. All clubs fulfilling requirements will earn 25% profit from the event; clubs will be guaranteed a minimum of $200 per event worked if requirements are met.
 4.   Pizza will be provided by Pizza Ranch this year. Orders have been placed and are listed on the schedule. Any issues with pizza orders should be brought to the attention of the general supervisor right away to prevent shortages or a surplus of pizza.
 5.   All clubs/activities are required to stock all items and clean (counters, floors, equipment) before departing the concession stands.  Any clubs/activities not fulfilling this obligation will forfeit $50 of their profits.
 6.   If you need to switch dates with another club/activity, it is your responsibility to do so.  You also need to notify Mrs. Troe and Karmen if you have switched assignments. Profits from that assignment will be given to the club/activity that works it.
1. Arrive 30 minutes before time listed for pizza delivery and find Ms. Troe or Mr. Dale to open concessions
2. Open windows, turn on lights, clean counters, fill coffee pot with water (if needed)
3. Turn on Pizza and Hot Dog Machines (start on highest heat and adjust as needed; clean if needed)
4. Put hot dogs on carousel (rotate hot dogs a quarter turn every 15 minutes); Put pizza boxes in machine and plate only as needed (let Ms. Troe know if we have too little or too much pizza)
5. Memorize Prices (count back change to customers; use phone as calculator if needed) – Cold Stone is $5 each; Pizza is $2.25 a slice; Hot Dogs and Beverages are $2 each (coffee and hot chocolate get 1 free refill); Popcorn, Candy, Chips, Jack Links are $1.50 each except for the small Airheads and Slim Jims which are 3 for $1.50
6. Turn on popcorn machine (4 switches – right hand side)
7. Pop four batches of each kind. – WATCH & MONITOR MACHINE CONSTANTLY DO NOT STEP AWAY!
Butter Popcorn
1 full container of seed (normal)
1 ½ cup oil
½ teaspoon flavorcal
Caramel Popcorn
3/4 full container of seed (mushroom)
1 ½ cup oil
½ teaspoon flavorcal
¾ carton of caramel glaze
8. Be kind to all customers! Wash hands often. Wear gloves when making & handling food that is not prepackaged. No freebies to anyone! Mr. Dale will come and get items from concessions for his workers, write down and keep track of all his items (see calendar). We accept cash or checks only.
9. Restock all items before leaving
10. Clean, turn off, and unplug coffee, hot dog, pizza, popcorn machines before leaving (please take all garbage to dumpster)

Movie Night – September 22, 2023