Worthington High School Concessions

2019-2020 BPA Concession Stand Assignments


 1.   Each club/activity advisor is responsible for scheduling student workers and supervising the concession stand during above mentioned event(s).  Advisor or other adult MUST BE PRESENT and check in with Mrs. Troe prior to event start time!

 2.   Penny Troe or a Student (BPA) Manager will be the general supervisor and will open the concession stand.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact Mrs. Troe at penny.troe@isd518.net or call 507-236-5761.

 3.   Minimum student workers required:  Football-6, Volleyball-4, Boys BB-6, Girls BB-6, Wrestling-6, and Track-4.  All workers are required to read & follow the rules of conduct for working the concession stand.  Any club/activity not following the rules of conduct may forfeit future concession stand assignments.  All workers should report 10 minutes prior to the event scheduled time (as listed above), unless otherwise instructed.

 4.   All times listed are for varsity start times only.  Workers need to report at least a half hour before listed start times.  For all volleyball and basketball assignments, workers need to report from 5:30 to 9:00.

 5.   All clubs/activities are required to stock and restock all items before departing the concession stands.  Also the concession stands should be cleaned before departure.  Any clubs/activities not fulfilling this obligation will forfeit 20% of their profits.

 6.   If you need to switch dates with another club/activity, it is your responsibility to do so.  You also need to notify the office and Mrs. Troe if you have switched assignments.  If you cannot fulfill your obligation; profits from that assignment will be donated to the club/activity that works it.