A Statement from ISD 518

We are making this statement to address and acknowledge the terrible pain and racism that our country is facing. People of color have experienced generational trauma and continue to experience systemic racism and injustices not just in the United States, but throughout the world. Even though we are all different, we have the same human heartbeat. Everyone deserves equity in opportunity. Independent School District 518 is committed to educating students to be global citizens who both recognize diversity and celebrate it. 

Our community reflects the beauty of what this world has to offer. We believe it is vitally important to make our school a safe space for students of all backgrounds to come together, share their struggles, share their pain, and learn from each other. As a district and staff team, we also want to commit to doing our best to listen to our students and encourage them to challenge us to continually learn and grow. It is important to acknowledge these tragedies as they happen; we need to engage in meaningful discussion to work towards solutions! Instead of shying away from tough conversations, we need to try our best to hear the voices of others to get a better understanding of what they are going through.

As a district, we strive to support all students equitably. District 518 school counselors and school social workers are committed to supporting you and having these conversations. School counselors are organizing focus groups to discuss these tough issues. Please see a school counselor if you are interested in participating.

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