Summer School Highlights from “Careers for Life” 2017

Day 1 – Johnson Builders & Realty, Inc.

The Johnson brothers, Kyle and Jason, offered good life advice on getting a college degree (schooling after high school), credit and credit cards (personal finance), and stressed that they should never stop learning (continue learning and sharing with others). The brothers also talked about the company’s formation and how it has grown and changed over the years. We learned that the business target market base is a radius of 20 miles around Worthington, Minnesota. If you or someone you know would like more information on housing opportunities or would like to learn more about Johnson Builders & Realty, Inc., please visit

Day 2 – Stress Management/Worry Stones

Students learned how they can help manage their own stress levels with worry stones (fidget spinners) and other stress management devices. They also learned how important learning is even after high school and how we need to keep giving & sharing of our knowledge. Students practiced their typing skills and learned about data entry career requirements. Students throughout the day evaluated activities and identified which ones caused them stress and which ones were more relaxing. If you or someone you know would like to learn more about making worry stones and their purpose, please visit 

Day 3 – Bedford Industries and Packaging of Worry Stones

Marty Rickers talked about the friendly environment at Bedford Industries and how the company offers many opportunities for benefits and advancement within the company. Mr. Rickers explained to the students the history behind the twist tie and creation of Bedford Industries and how it celebrated its 50 year in business in 2016. In ten years from now we talked about how plastics will continue to change and so will the twist ties and elastic tags. We talked about the differences between Bedford Industries and Bedford Technologies and that they are not the same company. We learned that Bedford Industries is a global company and they visit trade shows all around the world. If you or someone you know would like more information on job opportunities or would like to learn more about Bedford Industries, please visit

During the week, students learned about product creation, packaging, and marketing.

Day 4 – JBS

Abigail Wilking came and talked with our students about JBS and the history behind Worthington’s largest employer (2,200+ employees).  Abigail shared many job opportunities and the scholarship program available at JBS for local area students starting at age 18.  One other important educational item shared during our time was on being employable.  Abigail shared great tips on writing cover letters and resumes along with filling out applications for employment.  If you or someone you know would like more information on job opportunities or would like to learn more about JBS, please visit 

Abigail Wilking presenting to students about JBS history and job opportunities.

Day 5 –

Today recruiter Sgt. Ervin Long was our presenter and shared many offering through the Air Force. Students were engaged and enjoyed his interactive presentation. Students liked the educational offerings along with the benefits the military has to offer. If you or someone you know would like more information on career opportunities or would like to learn more about the Air Force, please visit 

Day 6 –

Laurie Maras and Mark Vis from First State Bank Southwest came and talked with our students about personal finance and careers available through banking institutions. Their presentation specifically focused on opening and managing checking accounts and using debit/credit cards to gain/maintain good credit. They also talked about how they give back to the community and how important it is that local businesses are willing to give back to their communities. If you or someone you know would like more information on banking or job opportunities or would like to learn more about First State Bank Southwest, please visit

Laurie Maras and Mark Vis from First State Bank Southwest giving a presentation to students.

Day 7 –

Today’s focus was on being mindful and taking care of ourselves. Students learned how to stay focused, calm, and to relax during stressful times. Students made glitter jars and learned how they can aid in taking the focus off of stress by focusing on something else if only for a little while. Students during first and second sessions today also had a tour of Avalon. This tour was well received by my students and many found a possible new career. Students enjoyed seeing what students do and how quickly the program can be completed. Students learned that although the course is short and hands it has many requirements with credit hours and tardiness along with a strict dress code which is a business industry standard. If you or someone you know would like more information on mindful activities or making glitter jars, please visit 

Day 8 –

Recruiter, Leading Petty Officer Jason Standiford, from the Navy stopped in and shared his experiences with the Navy with first and second sessions and how the Navy compares and contrasts to the Air Force and other branches. He shared his passion for the Navy and how if they can “find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life” which is also something that has been stressed through out the course. During third session, Vandenn Krouch from Love Inc., gave a presentation about what it is and why and how it started. Students learned about the differences in profit and nonprofit organizations. Students also learned why a hand out is not always helping out the community or its citizens. Students learned about the mission being a “hand up” and how it is different from being a “hand out.” During day 8 we also introduced careers in the Food Service industry by making cookie dough and protein bites. Students learned about the importance of recipes and following directions, measurements and doubling of a recipe, sanitation and why it is so important, and enjoyed tasting the finished product. If you or someone you know would like more information on “How Help Can Hurt” or Love Inc. or making cookie dough bites, please visit and and 

Day 9 –

Today’s focus was giving back to our communities. First and second sessions today walked to Centennial Park and learned about how they can give back to their community by helping clean it up. Students learned that sometimes getting out and helping other can be fun and relaxing. Many students asked why people are so irresponsible and why they don’t clean up after themselves. Students started thinking and asking about how they could encourage citizens to take a more positive approach to cleaning up after themselves to keep our community looking nice. Third session started with walking around our school building and cleaning it up and then headed to Avalon for their scheduled tour. Kimberly Schroeder, owner and director of Avalon, gave us a tour and the history behind the school along with some interesting facts on how cosmetology is becoming a highly demanded career field. If you or someone you know would like more information on cosmetology, please visit 

Day 10 –

Today, Chris Dybevick, Chief Deputy, from the Prairie Justice Center gave our students an in-depth tour. Students enjoyed seeing, hearing, and learning about all the departments, offices, and jobs available throughout our county. Some highlights from the tour included learning about the evidence room, some of the many traffic violation laws, and the dispatch call center. If you or someone you know would like more information on the Nobles County Sheriff’s Office, please visit 

Chief Deputy Dybevick posing with students at the Prairie Justice Center

Day 11 –

Today students learning about the dynamics of finding, selecting, and learning about ingredients for baking a personalized pizza and cheese/bread sticks. Students learned about food prep and the importance of keeping our cooking space clean. Students enjoyed learning about the importance of following recipes/directions and yet how altering them to fit personal preferences can be fun and educational.

Day 12 –

A Day of Service. Students spent part of their day helping the district with unboxing cases and iPads, putting screen protectors and cases on the new iPads, and organizing and indexing of the new iPads. Students learned about the importance for detail and how a skill of being able to recall the alphabet for indexing and ordering can be very important and a huge time saver. The second half the the day was spend helping Love Inc. Students learned how some donations can become a problem if not handled properly. Students also learned that lending a helping hand to those in need is not always easy or fun but very important to the one receiving it. 

Day 13 –

Today was spent learning the 12 ARMA filing rules. After seeing students struggle with filing of the iPads a lesson on filing became a must. If you or someone you know would like more information on the ARMA filing rules, please visit 


20 students (Grades 9-12) from the counties:  Rock, Nobles, Jackson, Martin, Cottonwood, Murray, Pipestone, Lincoln, Lyon, Watonwan, and Redwood can attend BestPrep’s Minnesota Business Venture (MBV) at no cost due to the generosity of a family foundation with connections in the area. Students need to register ASAP but no later than Friday the 26th!

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