MN West College Prep

One Term Grades 11, 12 Elective

This course is open to all students interested in attending a two year or four year college or university. This course will be taught by MN West instructor(s). Upon completion of this course, students will have earned 1 MN West college credit for Freshman Seminar (STSK110) and 2 MN West college credits for Digital Literacy (STSK1135). Separate grades for each course will be earned at the high school and college level.

MNWest Freshman Seminar (1 college credit, .25 high school elective credit)

Enhances the student’s adjustment and success with the college experience. The Freshman Seminar course provides students with a general orientation and introduction to resources and skills helpful in the transition to college life and to assist in long term academic and personal success. It is designed to facilitate a successful college experience. Students will develop college-level study skills and will learn about college resources to assist them in their personal and academic adjustment to college life. Strategies for a successful college experience, including: time management, studying smart, taking notes from lecture and textbooks, writing, test taking techniques, stress management, learning teaching styles, preparing speeches, introduction to online learning, navigating D2L and ITV/distance learning will be covered.

MNWest Introduction to Digital Literacy (2 college credits, .5 high school elective credit)

Introduces students to the basic elements of Digital Literacy as they develop the technology proficiency, information literacy, and media literacy necessary for safe use of digital technologies vital for success in post-secondary settings as well as the 21st Century workforce. Prerequisite: Students will need to have access to a reliable Internet connection and access to a device which will enable them to use various technologies. If you are interested in going to a technical or community college, or going to a four year university, this class is for you. This class will typically meet on Mon/Wed/Fri during fourth block at the HS. Students will be expected to complete assignments and coursework on Tues/Thurs, but will not be required to report to a classroom. Due to the flexibility of this course, students should be self-motivated and on track for graduation. If you are unsure whether this course is for you, visit with your counselor. Students interested in this course must register for both MN West Freshmen Seminar #2075 and MN West Intro to Digital Literacy #2076.