About Our Staff

Mrs. Spieker

Hello, my name is Mrs. Spieker. I am the Media Specialist for the high school, middle school and ALC. I have worked in a variety of libraries for over 20 years in the Mankato area and I have seen many changes. One of which is technology, this is becoming such an essential part of libraries. There are so many more resources available to library users such as the internet, electronic databases and electronic books. 

I have two daughters who have been brought up in libraries and they love them as much as I do. Within the first two weeks here in Worthington we had a library card. I look forward to working with the students and faculty of Worthington Public Schools.

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Ms. Garza

My name is Sylvia Garza and I am a Paraprofessional in the Media Center at the Worthington Middle School. I enjoy working in the Media Center because I love reading books. I have 2 children, a daughter at Prairie Elementary and a son here in the Middle School who also enjoy reading all kinds of books, my goal here is to encourage students to read more and find the passion in reading as much as I do.

In my down time I like going on walks, I like traveling and trying new foods. I enjoy cooking and spending time with my kids. In the summer we try to make time to visit Texas since that’s where I was born, we visit our family, different parks and the Ocean to enjoy the hot summer weather!

Mrs. Nickel

Hi my name is Sarah Nickel and I am a Media Para at Worthington Middle School. I enjoy working with students and helping them explore the many resources that are available to them in the Media Center.  It’s great to see students get interested in a new book or author and to get excited about reading. I enjoy watching all the students grow and learn new things. 

I love spending time with my children and enjoy the many activities that they participate in such as dance, hockey and volleyball. I also enjoy gardening, baking and reading!