Anti-Phish Tip #1: Passwords in Email = Epic Fail

Passwords in Email = Epic Fail

Never send your password in email!

THE TRAP: You receive an urgent email that appears to be from an ISD 518 staff member, administrator, or help desk asking you to reply with your password because your account is “compromised” or “over quota” or “suspended due to inactivity”.

YOUR DEFENSE: District 518 and organizations that care about the protection of your information should never ask you to send bank account numbers, Social Security Numbers, driver’s license numbers, health information, or health insurance information via email. Decline requests to send this information in email. Your Worthington tech team will never ask you to follow a link to change your password! 

Remember: Only You can Protect your Password!

Not sure if it’s a phish? Drop us a line. Send email to