MCA Math Refresher Videos

These videos were produced by Mr. Koller and Mrs. Tripp (Ms. Hoesing) to help you brush up on some of the math areas in preparation for the MCA testing.


Absolute Equalities
Absolute Value Inequalities (Variable tolerances)
Arithmetic or Linear Sequences
Determining Vertex of Parabolas
Equivalent Equations Part 1
Equivalent Equations Part 2
Exponential Growth/Decay
Exponential Growth/Decay Samples
Generating Linear Equations from a Table of Values
Geometric Sequences
Graphing Linear Equations
Standard Form- combination of variables resulting in a total
Identifying Functions in Tables
Recognizing functions from a graph/table
Working with Quadratic Equations
Solving Quadratic Equations
Absolute Values Inequalities (variable tolerances)
Angle properties for parallel lines cut by a transversal
Linear Equations Parallel Perpendicular lines
Linear Equations off Tables
Linear Equations off Table part 2
Linear Equations Example from Sample Graph
Linear Equation Example in Graph Information
Linear Equation forms


Circles tangent and radius properties
Congruent Triangles 1
Congruent triangles 2
Equations of Circles 1
Equations of Circles 2
The Pythagorean Theorem
Volume 1
Volume 2
Midpoint and distance in the coordinate planes Video to come
SohCahToe Video to come
Surface Area
Transformations in coordinate planes Video to come


Bar Graph Distortion
Choosing Graph for Data
Expected Value
Mean Median Mode Outlier
Mutually Exclusive events
Permutations and Combinations 1
Permutations and Combinations 2
Sample Size and Margin error