MCA Algebra Videos

These videos will help you to prepare for the Algebra portion of the MCA math test.
We suggest you install VLC Video player on your device to allow quicker access to the videos.
Here are the Formula sheets to help you during the test.

Absolute Value Equalities Inequalities
YouTube Part 1      Part 2

Arithmetic Sequences     YouTube

Comparing Functions and Growth-Quad
 YouTube Part 1    Part 2

Equivalent Equations
YouTube Part 1       Part 2

Exponential Growth-Decay
YouTube Part 1 Part 2

Geometric Sequences    YouTube

Graphing Linear Equations
YouTube Part 1   Part 2

Linear Equations for Parallel and Perpendicular Lines    YouTube

Linear Equations Recognize off Table
YouTube Part 1   Part 2  Part 3

Recognizing Function Table    YouTube

Simplifying Polynomial Equations    YouTube

Simplifying Exponentials
YouTube Part 1  Part 2

Solve Equal-Inequalities
YouTube Part 1  Part 2

Solve One Variable Inequalities
YouTube Part 1  Part 2

Solving Quadratics
YouTube Part 1  Part 2

Solving Systems Graphically    YouTube

Stand vs Slope Inter Form
YouTube Part 1 Part 2    Part 3

Systems Linear Inequalities    YouTube

Vertex of Parabola given Equation    YouTube

Vertical Motion Quadratics   YouTube

Write Linear Equation Points
 YouTube Part 1  Part 2  Part 3   Part 4