About Our Teachers

Mr. Brandt

My name is Zach Brandt. I graduated from Worthington High School in 2013 and from Augustana University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Secondary Education with a minor in English as a New Language. I am excited to start my teaching career at my alma mater. I also serve as an advisor for the high school’s Student Council. 

I aim to help students develop their voice and sense of self through the examination of literature and our own writing, just as my teachers have done and continue to do for me.

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Mrs. Crooks

My name is Moira Crooks and I teach English Language Arts at the high school. I hold undergraduate and graduate degrees in English and Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. I also have a two-year degree in Computer Information Systems. I’m currently completing my second graduate degree in Secondary Education.

Watching students discover they have a voice through their own writing and helping them discover explore worlds outside their own through reading are the best parts of teaching English Language Arts.

My husband, children, and I moved from New York a couple of years ago, so in my free time I like to explore Minnesota with them and get to know more about the people and places that make our state so special.

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Mrs. Greenway

Before coming to Worthington in 2011, I taught a creative writing course at the St. Peter Alternative School and have experience teaching English at the Sibley East High School and the New Prague Middle School.

I enjoy working with students and challenging them to look beyond the surface of literature because what’s below the surface is the most interesting part. For, the hidden secrets of Robert Frost go beyond the diverging road in the yellow wood.

Outside of teaching, I keep myself busy by coaching soccer for the WHS girls and by coaching figure skating during the winter months.

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Ms. Napton

My name is Ella Napton and I am an English teacher at the high school. I also coach for the Girl’s Soccer Team! I graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College with a BA in Communication Arts and Literature Teaching and a minor in coaching. And an interesting fact about me is that I spent a month exploring Germany’s castles and visited the castle Walt Disney based Cinderella’s castle off of (the Neuschwanstein Castle).

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Mrs. Neugebauer

My name is Linda Neugebauer.

I am delighted to be a Communication Arts teacher in District 518. Working with students is a real joy. I have studied Theater, Speech Communications, Literature and Education. My degrees come from Minnesota State University, Mankato as well as Southwest Minnesota State in Marshall. I have been honored to be with the Trojan Speech Team since 1999 and also serve as the advisor to Drama Club.

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Mr. Sauerbrei

My name is Stacy Sauerbrei. I have been an English teacher and coach at WHS since the late nineties. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Morningside College and a Masters in Educational Leadership from Southwest Minnesota State. Spending time with kids is my favorite part of the job.

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Ms. Schmidt

My name is Ellen Schmidt. I graduated from Luther College with a degree in English and Secondary Education. I am excited to teach English and coach soccer for District 518. I love to connect with students, and I push them to consider different perspectives. I also like to help them form and evaluate their own beliefs.

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