Food Exploration

One Term                         Grades 9, 10                       Elective

Good nutrition and healthy choices can be fun. In this class, you will explore many foods and flavors along with preparation techniques. Explore the foods from around the United States, participate in sensory experiments, understand food label information, and research current related topics. Show your creativity in the kitchen, gain confidence in your food preparation skills, and make nutritious decisions.

Food Exploration Make Up Lab

Please indicate:

__________ This is Make-up work for the _____________ lab I missed.

____________ Check here for Extra Credit

To make up a foods lab or apply for extra credit, you must do the following:

_____ Prepare at home a recipe from class or one similar
· Indicate if the recipe is a class recipe or one from home
· If you use your own recipe, please turn a copy of it in with this paper.

_____ Clean up your work area (approved by parent/guardian)

_____ Have a parent/guardian sign that you were the one to prepare the food
and comment on the results of your product.

____ Bring in a sample with this form to Mrs. Bents
(Please just put it in a clear plastic baggie, don’t use a special dish)

Comments and Signature from parent/guardian: