Chemistry A & B

Two Terms             Grades 10, 11, 12             Meets Requirement

Prerequisite: Earth and Space Science or Physical Science A & B

This course is designed to meet the needs of the student going directly to a career path or to postsecondary school where they may take college chemistry. We will be following the Chemistry Modeling curriculum based on the particle model of matter and how it has progressed to its current form. The topics addressed include Matter, Energy – Particles in Motion (Gases) & States of Matter (Thermodynamics), Describing Substances & Mixtures, Moles, Chemical Formulas, Chemical Reactions, Stoichiometry & Solutions, Periodicity, and Acids & Bases. These areas of chemistry will be explored both from a practical field as well as laboratory exploration. If students are considering a science related career, they could further their chemistry experience by taking AP Chemistry A&B. This course meets the Physics/Chemistry credit requirement for graduation.