Advanced Placement Chemistry A, B

Two Terms             Grades 11, 12             Elective

Prerequisite: Chemistry A & B

Recommended: Completion of or concurrently taking Algebra 2 

This is a rigorous laboratory course that studies matter and its interactions. It is designed for students who might want to get an early start on college chemistry or want to pursue a career in science, medicine or engineering. The first half of this course will review and expand on chemistry basics learned in Chemistry A & B. AP Chemistry provides a comprehensive, college-level course in general chemistry. Topics covered include atomic structure, periodicity, chemical bonding, stoichiometry, gases, interparticle forces, chemical equilibrium, thermochemistry, chemical kinetics, acid/base reactions, and electrochemistry. Students will attain a depth of understanding of the fundamentals of chemistry and competence in dealing with chemical problems. Through in-depth treatments of qualitative and quantitative chemical principles, the course will emphasize chemical calculations and the mathematical formulation of principles. Laboratory work is where students learn about the behavior of matter through observation and hone their ability to discern the difference between observations/ recorded data and the ideas, inferences, explanations and models or theories used to interpret them. This is a fast-paced chemistry course for the hard-working and highly motivated student.